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Seeder of exact seeding of Vest 8/OOPS 8
  • Seeder of exact seeding of Vest 8/OOPS 8

Seeder of exact seeding of Vest 8/OOPS 8

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Pneumatic seeders of Vest 8 (UPS-8) are intended for a dotted vyseivaniye of the calibrated and not calibrated seeds of corn, sunflower, a castor-bean tree, a sorghum, soy, and also seeds of fodder beans, haricot, a lupine with introduction, simultaneous, separate from seeds, of the granulated mineral fertilizers and a soil prikatyvaniye in rows. Seeding of not calibrated seeds is also possible, but in that case accuracy will directly depend on size in sizes and degree of damage of sowing material. Seeders of exact seeding provide crops on final density, excepting application of manual skills when forming of the required interval between plants. Since September 1st, 2012 all seeders are delivered with sowing section of the new design equipped with the 2-circuit drive. Reliable protection of the drive ensures functioning on the fields littered with the vegetable remains. The pneumatic sowing devices of seeders of exact seeding reduce percent of crushing of seeds by 10 times in comparison with mechanical. All shaft of the drive of the grain and tukovy sowing devices are mounted on rolling bearings. At the expense of an arrangement of an axis of opornoprivodny wheels on one line with grain soshnik synchronous copying of a relief of the field both is reached by a frame, and sowing section. The protector from gruntozatsepa on tires of basic and driving wheels reduces their slipping that provides the set interval between seeds. Seeders are supplied with a strong gidrofitsirovanny marker with a disk of bigger diameter which has an opportunity to change an angle of attack for receiving well visible trace. The seeder complete set allows to move with the transport device it on roads of general purpose without use of additional vehicles. For creation of the uniform depression necessary at seeding of heavy seeds of bean cultures (soy, etc.) the fan is equipped with an additional air duct. The bar of a frame of a seeder is a seeder pneumatic system receiver, reduces a pulsation of an air stream that allows to receive uniform seeding on each section. The fan is supplied with the obgonny coupling protecting a belt drive from the increased wear. Existence of an observation port allows to exercise visual control of quality of operation of the sowing device in the course of control. The edge tripper device of doubles of seeds provides exact one-grain crops. The wide prikatka, zagrebatel and a loop lath is applied to improvement of seal of seeds and stability of sowing sections during the work of corn seeders in section.

Car type the hinged Width of capture, m 5,6 Quantity of rows, piece 8 Width of row-spacings of mm 450, 600, 700, 900 Working speed, km/h 3,6-9 Productivity, hectare/h 2-5,04 Capacity of the bunker (total), dm3 - for seeds 200 - for fertilizers 192

Norms of seeding - for seeds, piece / p.m. 2-43 - for fertilizers, kg/hectare 50-250

Depth of seal of seeds, mm 440-120

Overall dimensions, mm

- in working situation 1700х6250х1430

- in transport situation 6800х2300х3010

Weight, kg of 1278±3%

H.p. (hardware) 80 (1,4) is aggregated with tractors,

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Type of seeding:Accurate
Information is up-to-date: 26.09.2020
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