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Seeder grain Nika 4
  • Seeder grain Nika 4

Seeder grain Nika 4

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Brand:Велес Агро
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Seeder grain SZM of the Nickname 4 mechanical are intended for crops by line crops of grain, bean, commercial crops, and also herbs, vegetables and processing of the soil, zernosmesy at the minimum technology.

Additional complete set


Catalog No.


The seeder is grain mechanical hinged



The seeder is grain mechanical hook-on



Additional complete set of seeders

Transport device



System of seeding of melkosemenny cultures



Monitoring system (minimum)

Hard currency-4m


Monitoring system (standard)

Hard currency-4s


Monitoring system (VIP)

Hard currency-4v


System of a technological track (2appar.)



The arriving wheel for the dry soil



At application of resource-saving technologies, sowing of the majority of grain crops is made after the minimum processing of the soil by disk plows. For receiving amicable and powerful shoots there is a need of the choice of a universal seeder which at the smallest costs of work of change-over of norms and depths of seeding, could provide the first-class crops of a wide range of crops. Having studied the modern directions of development of foreign sowing equipment, state of emergency of PKF "Velez-agro" developed a new series of mechanical seeders of SZM intended for crops in the line way grain, herbs, vegetables, mixes, bean, commercial and other crops on the minimum technology of processing of the soil with effort of pressure on a soshnik from 80 to 120 kg and system of a prikatyvaniye of sowing material.

The bobbin system of dispensing of seeding of seeds tested with time in seeders of the SZM series is improved with application of the latest technologies of processing of surfaces of details and use of high-strength and wearproof components in their production. Thanks to a combination of a screw method of adjustment of coils on the set norm of seeding and to switching of speeds of rotation of a reducer, the seeder can be ready as for norm of microcrops from 6 kg/hectare, and norm of macrocrops to 400 kg/hectare, and at a complete set by the melkosemenny bunker from 1 kg/hectare to 40 kg/hectare.

The seeder grain Nika 4 has two capacious bunkers - 920 l for seeds and 350 l for fertilizers that creates prerequisites for high efficiency and decrease in costs of additional charge of a seeder when carrying out sowing. Moreover, at dismantle of an interbunker partition, the capacity of the grain bunker increases to 1280 l.

The design of the displaced placement of disks of a soshnik which is also protecting it from a contamination stones is applied to formation ideal seed a bed. At the same time the first disk cuts the flat line of sowing, cuts the pozhnivny remains, and the second loosens the soil and prepares a seed bed.

The set depth of crops of seeds is reached at the expense of the mechanism of clamping springs which except adjustment of depth allow the mechanism of a soshnik to copy a surface of the sowed area. The prikatyvayushche-regulating wheel located for a soshnik supports accurate maintaining depth of seal of seeds, provides the contact of sowing material with the soil necessary for optimum intake of moisture on capillaries, uniform formation of root system and viability.

For a seeder agregatirovaniye with various types the tractor provided hinged or hook-on execution, and the option of longitudinal transportation allows to transport SZM seeders on roads of general purpose.

Technical characteristics

Unit type

navesn. / trailer.

Working width of capture (m)


Transport width (m)

5,2 / 2,5

Quantity of soshnik (piece)


Width of row-spacings (cm)

15,24 - 17,00

Pressure of soshnik upon the soil (kg)

80 - 120

Bunker capacity for grain (l)


Bunker capacity for fertilizers (l)


Capacity of the grass bunker (l)


Depth of crops of seeds (mm)

10 - 89

Norm of seeding of grain (kg/hectare)

6,0 - 400

Norm of seeding of the grass bunker (kg/hectare)

1,0 - 80

Norm of application of fertilizers (kg/hectare)

25 - 250

Settlement productivity (hectare/hour)

2,5 - 4,0

Mass of the unit (kg)

1450 / 1900

The mass of a seeder with the filled bunkers (kg)

2600 / 3000

Necessary power of a tractor (h.p.)

105 / 82

Brand:Велес Агро
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 28.09.2020
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