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80000 UAH
Brand:Борона ротационная
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Harrow (mattock) a rotational P roizvodstvo production and delivery to the market of agricultural machinery a harrow of the MRN rotational models – we offer high quality and the optimum prices, a full package of documents, the VAT, guarantee certificates,   free shipping across Ukraine.  

Description of rotational harrows: Width of harrows of rotational (mattocks) makes 3, 6, 9 and 12 meters.   The harrow rotational (mattock) MRN - 6 with a width of capture of 6 meters has both an integral frame, and gidrofitsirovanny slazhivayushchuyusya a frame for transportation of a harrow across roads of general purpose.

Harrows rotational (mattocks) of MRN - 9 and MRN - 12 -  9 and 12 meter (respectively) completely gidrofitsirovanny.  The harrow rotational MRN - 12 consists of two six meter mattocks on integral frames and the transport carrier (module) on which mattocks are hung.  A harrow of MRN - 12 (complex) it is possible to use both the 12th meter unit, and two 6 meter separate units. In a set all are delivered accessories necessary for this purpose. All harrows of MRN - 6 and MRN - 9 are completed with basic driving wheels which allow to regulate processing depth.

The section of a harrow consists of a rack, the pendular mechanism and two rabochy wheels. On the driving wheel under means of rivets 16 working fingers are mounted. In the served  nave of a wheel two roller conic bearings 30204 are installed.  

Purpose of a harrow of rotational (mattock):  a dovskhodovy and poslevskhodovy boronovaniye of crops of field cultures (grain, propashny, technical) for the purpose of superficial loosening and aeration of the soil, saturation of the soil oxygen (nitrogen)  destruction of threadlike shoots of weeds. Processing of vapors, seal of fertilizers and herbicides. Processing of crops is made both in the continuous way, and in an interrow way.

Principle of work of a harrow rotational:                     At the movement of the tractor in a zagonka, driving wheels begin to rotate spontaneously (as disk tools), are buried to the soil, on depth of 3 - 5 cm at the expense of what the superficial crust collapses. At the wheel beam exit from the earth microexplosion thanks to which there is a forcing of air to the soil turns out. Therefore the nitrogen which is contained in air passes into a fertile layer of earth and is acquired by plants. It gives the chance to refuse introduction of nitrogen fertilizers. Are created by working bodies of a mattock an ideal background for initial development of root system of plants, the top layer of earth is well mulched, the soil crust collapses, thereby, moisture remains. In operating time of MRN about 0,8% of cultural plants are damaged. For comparison when processing by zubovy harrows like BZSS damages make 10 - 15% . At the same time threadlike roots of weeds to hundred percent at speeds do15 are destroyed by km/h. Timely application of a harrow allows to refuse herbicides completely. At emergence of a monolithic soil crust, on early shoots of cultural plants, for example, of corn in stages of 2 - 3 leaves, application of zubovy harrows becomes impossible and then efficiency of use of a mattock sharply increases.

Technical characteristics of harrows of rotational mattocks:

Working speed, km/h 10 - 15

Working width of capture, m 3; 6; 9; 12

Productivity, hectare/h 12.5

Depth of processing, cm 2 - 5

Quantity of sections, piece 17 - 54 Diameter of the driving wheel, mm 530

The number of working fingers on a wheel, piece 16

The bearing in a wheel nave 30204 roller conic, piece 2

The bearing in a pendulum 60204, piece 3

 The required power of the tractor, h. p. ,  80 - 107 and above.

Service personnel, people: 1 (tractor operator).


Brand:Борона ротационная
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Type:Spike harrow
Working width: 6 m
Working depth: 3 mm
The number of inserts/discs: 54 pcs.
Tractor power: 60 hp
Information is up-to-date: 30.11.2020
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